An amateur video showing what is claimed to be an unidentified flying object (UFO) coming out of what appears to be a beam of light has become an instant Internet sensation overnight. Spreading like wildfire in numerous alien websites and YouTube channels, the controversial video filmed in Arizona, Texas has ignited a heated debate among alien hunters and skeptics.

The date when the video was taken was initially unknown. Scott C Waring, the editor of said that the event occurred just recently, on December 1. Waring believes the footage is credible.

"In this video, we see a bright light shooting upward into the clouds from a UFO disk dark cloud. Arizona is a famous hotspot for UFOs and alien bases, so it's nice to get this substantial evidence of their existence in that area. This is an alien ship, shooting off through the clouds, leaving earth. It almost looks like a meteorite, but it's not falling, it's going up! Did you notice that the cloud the UFO comes from looks like a giant disk cloud?"

Waring has also backed up a similar December sighting of UFO coming right out of a wormhole allegedly spotted in Phaeton, Norway.

For Scott Brando of the UFO hoax-busting website, however, the alien video is an ultimate fraud. "Yes, it's a fake CGI. There are previous sharings about the same video being fake," Brando stated in a tweet to

Early in January of this year, debunking a similar extraterrestrial sighting in Australia, Australian National University astronomer Brad Tucker explained the wormhole incident could probably be "ball lightning."

"Sometimes, if you get a really interesting occurrence, you create something called 'ball lightning.' Normally lightning strikes up and down hitting the ground, but ball lightning is a weird thing where it appears as a ball explosion, sometimes it can even move around in the sky," he told ABC.

"[But] there are lots of weird natural phenomenon that happens everywhere," Dr. Tucker continued. "In Norway there's this weird appearance that happens every autumn for a few weeks that causes weird UFO lights, but the lights happen regularly like clockwork. I don't think it's aliens," the expert concluded.