Getting up close with extraterrestrial life on a usual day, being hovered upon by unidentified flying objects (UFO) while your driving car, losing memory and sense of time while this is all happening, and if you're lucky, you might get kidnapped by aliens too. These are just some alien-related activities that residents of Roswell claimed to have happened to them firsthand.

Located in New Mexico, Roswell's first claim to alien fame was back in July 1947 when the military made a controversial announcement through a press release that it has found the remnants of an alien spaceship that allegedly crashed in a nearby desert.

However, according to Express UK, the government agency quickly withdrew their statement the following day, claiming it was only a damaged air balloon owned by the US Air Force. The military stuck to their guns despite several witness speaking up about the alien bodies taken away along with the wrecked spacecraft.

In August 8, 2015, the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, an American-based non-profit organization that investigates cases of alleged UFO sightings, received an anonymous report about alien abduction in the area. But what's weirder though was when the victim was recovered and taken to the hospital for routine check, witnesses said bizarre objects were found at the back of his head.

In a separate report sent to MUFON in 2007, which purportedly took place March 1 1969 at 8pm, said his family had the shock of their lives when they headed to visit relatives in Roswell. The 54-year-old author wrote:

"At about an hour into the drive I noticed a bright object to the right of the car and mentioned it. Immediately, this object was directly above the car. At the same time, the radio went to static and we heard the speedometer cable break, and it actually felt like the hair on my head was standing up. There was no sound, but there was light everywhere.

"The object, above, was so large that I could see it from the back seat as I looked straight ahead. I had never been so terrified in my life and I just "froze" where I was. The scariest part, to me, was that I saw a huge black eye staring directly at me from the window beside me. They said the shape of the eye was a translucent black teardrop shape," he continued.

While skeptics will quickly dismiss these claims as fraud, alien hunters who have been keeping track of alien encounter reports for many years say the Roswell accounts have been consistent.

Last week, UFO witness and US Air Force Officer Steve Longero has finally spoken up after 36 years of staying mum about what he saw on December 26 and 28 in 1980 at the Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk. "I think it was something not from this world," Longero told Daily Star UK