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US Air Force Allegedly Testing UFO Spacecraft While Canadian Government Being Accused of Alien Cover Up

Dec 06, 2016 04:00 AM EST
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A number of UFOs were spotted in Canada while in the U.S., an alien hunter claims that re-engineered UFOs were being tested in Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.
(Photo : David McNew/Newsmakers)

Are authorities worldwide still covering up alien and UFO sightings? And can the U.S. government re-engineer and test an alien spacecraft? These are the questions circulating in the alien and UFO hunter community. But is there truth in these stories?

Alien and UFO hunters claim that they managed to obtain a video that serves as proof that the U.S. Air Force is testing in secret a re-engineered UFO. The said UFO technology was obtained in an alleged UFO hotspot near Las Vegas and is currently being studied at Nellis Air Force Based.

The rumors sparked after known Nevada UFO hunter Steven Barone posted a video on his YouTube page showing what seems to be a UFO hovering over the restricted test area of Nellis Air Force Base, according to a report. It even uses some alleged night vision technology thus the conclusion that the U.S. Air Force is testing a UFO spacecraft and has something to do with it. But then again, these are conspiracy theories that need to be confirmed first.

Meanwhile, UFOs in Canada  are also a hot topic in the UFO hunting community. There was a sudden rise in UFO sighting; some even acted aggressively allegedly chasing by standers. What's interesting is that the stories seem to add up as many witnesses came forward claiming to have seen UFOs. The stories became so popular that it was even picked up by local news organizations.

But since there is no concrete evidence to back up the claims that UFOs in Canada were spotted, despite numerous eyewitness accounts, conspiracy theories accuse the government of UFO cover-up according to reports. Witnesses claim that the UFOs exhibit some flares that made them entirely different from manmade spacecraft.

A witness who claimed to have been chased by a UFO refused to be identified but agreed for an interview with a local TV station. "I am shaking right now," the witness said in a statement. "It is crazy, they followed me along the highway. I can't believe I am holding the camera this steady," the witness added.

Although both incidences are still considered speculations until further evidence are presented, many people and alleged witnesses believe in what they saw and are firm in contesting that what they have seen are literally out-of-this-world.


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