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Climate-Proof Your Ceiling! Alternative Ceiling Technology Can Maintain Ambient Temperature

Dec 06, 2016 05:59 AM EST

Researchers from Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have developed the solution to air conditioning systems that do not address problematic drafts or the spread of mold and bacteria due to condensation. By creating ceiling panels covered in a special heat-conducting film that operates well below the dew point, researchers have created a multifunction system that allows for hygienic temperature management even in countries with a tropical climate.

Using 70 percent less energy than most traditional air conditioning systems, this new technology promises more than just efficiency in terms of power consumption. Named the Clear Sky Cooling project, researchers at Fraunhofer IBP have focused on developing a system that prevents condensation by constructing a special heat-conducting polymer film for their multifunctional ceiling panels. The result? The panels could work even under the dew point with no condensation forming.

Since the problem of condensation is avoided by the Clear Sky Cooling project, the modules will last for a long period of time and could be removed and reinstalled as needed. The technology is also multifunctional since it also features LED lighting panels that can actually save energy. The design of the panels is innovative since they could be combined flexibly. Measuring two square meters in size, the panels' sheets of film are individually printable and easily replaceable. The Clear Sky Cooling project also simplified interface planning through acoustic activation.

With just the push of a button or through a motion sensor, the panels' cooled surfaces take in the heat generated by people in a way that is direct, noiseless, and free of drafts. Without the disadvantage of a dew point, the technology could be installed in industrial workplaces or open-plan offices. The most ideal use of the system is in health-related environments such as hospitals, physiotherapy centers, and fitness studios, conference centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Funded by the Fraunhofer Venture Group with a pending patent, the multifunctional system will be launched at the BAU Trade Fair from January 16-21, 2017 as part of the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance's special show, "Fraunhofer City Laboratory -- Creating Living Spaces." The Clear Sky Cooling project is currently being spun off from Fraunhofer under the name Interpanel GmbH.

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