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WATCH: Real-Life Jurassic Park? Japanese Company Unveils Robot Dinosaurs for Theme Park

Nov 12, 2016 05:52 AM EST
Dinosaurs Arrive At The O2 For The Arena Spectacular
Ready for Jurassic Park? (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
(Photo : Dan Kitwood / Staff)

Dinosaurs are set to come to life in Japan as company On-Art Corp. unveils the world's largest human-operated dinosaurs, a very realistic pack that included raptors, an allosaurus and -- of course -- a Tyrannosaurus rex.

According to a report from CBC, these impressive moving dinosaurs took to the stage of a hotel hall in Tokyo as part of a presentation for a proposed theme park in the likes of Jurassic Park.

The replicas of the dinosaurs unleashed at the presentation were incredibly life-like, standing roughly eight meters tall and crafted from carbon fiber materials that are modeled from fossilized skeletons millions of years ago. Performing tricks and showing off their range of movements, one of the human-operated moving robots even appeared to bite the head of a caretaker.

A report from revealed that the most famous dinosaur, the Tyrannosaurus rex, made a grand entrance first, appearing from the mist into the hall stomping and roaring. The allosaurus and raptors followed soon after, baring their sharp teeth to the guests in the room.

As On-Art Corp. CEO Kazuya Kanemaru proceeded to the stage to address the audience, one of the dinosaurs even pretended to attack him.

All the work done to create the robot dinosaurs were with the intention to develop a Jurassic World-like theme park, according to the executive. He explained that his vision is a "Dino-A-Park", a place where dinosaur fans and tourists would be able to experience the majestic creatures first-hand.

"The fact that we have been creating living things, the desire we have had to want to truly experience dinosaurs, and living things, to draw that out, these are things that spurred us on," Kanemaru said. "We are striving to create dinosaurs that make people feel as though they are invisible, through how real the dinosaur's breathing and movements are."

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