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Cow Poop Could Be the Answer to Global Warming Problems

Dec 02, 2016 05:37 AM EST
Cow Poop Could Be the Answer to Global Warming Problems
Can dairy cows be our saving grace?

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Researchers have discovered that cow farts contribute a huge percentage of carbon emissions all over the globe. This is attributing to the fact that their stomachs can produce methane and methane emissions from cows have a larger carbon footprint than cars. Engineers have devised a way to capture methane from cow manure, store them in large tanks, and re-produce it into usable energy.

As explained in a report from Science ABC, the four-chambered stomach of cows have microbes that break down the food that they eat but produces methane along the process. The Union of Concerned Scientists explained that even though there are a variety of greenhouse gasses in the environment, CO2 and methane are the most concerning as they are sent back towards the Earth by clouds through a process called "heat-trapping."

This naturally occurring source of methane has been a big problem for scientists. However, engineers may have found ways to solve it. Argentinian engineers have turned the problem into a solution as they have not only removed one of the largest sources of carbon emissions in the world, they have also turned it into an interesting source of energy.

They have devised a way to capture methane either directly from the cow's stomach or through manure, through what is called as a methane digester. This methane gas would be stored in a large tank and then processed to be transformed into usable energy, a process which is aimed to be used in California.

Per a report from Fox News, California has recently signed a legislation which will use 1,500 units of methane digesters for dairy cows all over the state. According to their calculations, emissions of methane from the dairy industry is expected to decrease for as low as 40 percent. This is a number which could create a significant difference in the quest towards battling global warming.  

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