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BEWARE: High Levels of Pesticide Found in 2 Batches of Marijuana in Oregon

Oct 24, 2016 05:09 AM EDT

Health officials at Oregon have issued a health alert after discovering two batches of marijuana sold at medical weed dispensary at McMinnville to be tainted with high levels of commonly used pesticide.

The health alert was issued by the Oregon Health Authority after lab testing found that the marijuana being sold under strain name Dr. Jack (with batch number G6J0051-02) and Marion Berry (with batch number G6J0051-01) have high levels of spinosad.

"We're asking people to look at the batch numbers on the labels of their products," said Jonathan Modie, OHA spokesman, in a report from Willamette Week. "If the batch number matches, take it back to the dispensary or get rid of it-responsibly, of course. Flush it down the toilet."

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Spinosad is a natural substance made by a bacterium in the soil that can be toxic to insects. Marijuana growers have been using spinosad and other pesticides to prevent molds and mites from destroying the plants.

At present, the health effects of spinosad are not yet fully understood. However, it is known to cause irritation in the skin and eyes. The "action level" for spinosad 0.2 parts per million (PPM). Lab results showed that the level of spinosad is Dr. Jack and Marion Berry to be several times higher than the imposed action level, 42 and 22 PPM respectively.

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According to the report from Oregon Live, OHA have not specifically named the producer of the tainted batch. However, OHA mentioned that the affected strains came from a single grower in McMinnville and was transferred only to New Leaf, a medical marijuana dispensary at McMinnwille. Health officials believe that other strains with similar names being sold at other dispensaries are not affected.

The affected batch is believed to be sold to about 130 people between October 17 and October 19. Consumers who have brought the product are advised to return to their place of purchase or dispose of the marijuana responsibly.

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