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Pet Over Love? Study Says You Will Likely Choose Your Pet

Sep 02, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

While it is true that dogs (and cats) are man's best friends, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing pets over lovers. But when 2,000 dog and cat owners were asked, they revealed a lot of interesting answers.

According to the press release sent to Nature World News, the researchers surveyed 2,000 dogs and pet owners to find out how far they would go if their pets are in the brink of danger.  The study conducted by ADOBO entitled "Pets Over Everything" unveiled how important and valuable pets are for their owners.

The press release reveals that pet owners value their pets highly compare to their material things. The survey shows that 9 out of 10 owners, in case of fire, will choose to save their pets first even before a family heirloom.

Meanwhile, 58 percent of the respondents will choose their pets over their dream houses. Even more fascinating, nearly two-thirds of the respondents prefer their pets over their significant others. But as stakes go higher, the numbers lower. For example, respondents prioritize their health more than their pets.

Speaking of putting your lover in the sidelines, the survey also revealed that the northeastern U.S. has the highest percentage on choosing pet over love, with a whooping 67 percent compared to the Midwest with 60 percent. In fact, with divorces that occurred recently, pets often found themselves in the middle of custody battles between warring partners.

In an article posted in Reuters, it was found that there is an increase of pet custody cases for the last five years, according to the 27 percent of attorneys surveyed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Dogs top the list at 88 percent as the most desired animal (most fought over).

How about generations? It turns out that while baby boomers are most likely the ones to reject money in favor of their pets, millenials own more pets and are the ones who, well, go to extremes for their pets -- except giving up Internet.

So why do millennials have more pets? According to this article, millennials are "preparing themselves to be parents" in the future. Thus, treating pets as if their children.

So why do these people actually love these pets? It is because for them, their pets show "unconditional love" and companionship that brings them pure happiness, the survey said.

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