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Top 5 Most Emotional Countries in the World

Jul 14, 2016 03:33 AM EDT
La Paz Bolivia
Bolivia, one of the most emotional countries in the world according to a global survey.
(Photo : Danielle Pereira / Flickr)

What is it like to live in a country where emotions run high?

In its recent Global Emotions Report, Gallup surveyed 148 countries to determine how often residents feel both positive and negative emotions on a daily basis. The study found that majority of the most emotional countries can be found in Latin America.

Here are five of the countries where people either laugh the most, cry, get angry or experience a variety of emotions.

5. Iraq (58%)

Iraq ranks high particularly in the negative emotion index. Factors like Saddam Hussein's rule and foreign involvement have contributed to the Iraqis challenging emotions. Iraqis are also fond of listening and playing sad music.

4. Guatemala (58%)

According to Portuguese blogger Zara Quiroga, who lives in Antigua, Guatemala, locals are very welcoming and expressive, almost to the point of comfortably sharing intimate personal details to strangers.

3. The Philippines (58%) 

Filipinos are known to feel intense negative emotions, although they are not expressive or straightforward about how they feel, said Ulysis Cababan in an interview with BBC. According to Cababan, the Filipino culture is very warm, family-oriented and very hospitable.

2. Cambodia (57%)

Historical events, such as the reign of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rogue, have left Cambodians in an emotional trauma. According to Kounila Keo of Phnom Penh, Cambodians are very emotional but many, especially the elders, are less expressive of their emotions.

1.     Bolivia (59%)

 According to Gallup's index, Bolivia got the top spot, where 60 percent of people feel a surge of positive and negative emotions on any given day. In an interview with BBC, Pauline Kucharew, who lived in Sucre, said that locals tend to be welcoming, warm, open and curious. The country is less frequented by tourists, and because of this, residents - especially in the rural areas - tend to be overly shy.

Apart from the countries mentioned, other highly emotional countries included in the list are El Salvador (59%), Ecuador (58%), Nicaragua (58%), Colombia (57%) and Costa Rica (57%). 

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