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Watch: Incredible Machine Fixes the Perfect Breakfast Combo

Jul 06, 2016 07:19 AM EDT
A machine that fixes the best breakfast meal you could ever imagine – and even delivers your morning paper! – will make breakfasts worth waking up for.
(Photo : jill111 / Pixabay)

For those who think making breakfast is such a toilsome activity, the "Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine" might be of good use.

With a simple push of a button, the aptly-named Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine will serve perfectly cooked eggs, freshly brewed coffee and a round of toast, and will even deliver your morning paper.

The incredible machine was invented by British retirees Peter Browne and his friend Mervyn Huggett for the noble purpose of helping prepare breakfast for their wives on Sunday mornings.

Browne, a 69-year-old retired mechanical engineer, said that it took them approximately 1,000 hours to build the Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine. Huggett, who was a retired airline pilot, had knowledge of electronics that came in handy in the design and construction of the machine.

Treehugger takes a good look on the famed breakfast machine, which takes care of almost everything people usually whine about.

First, it delivers the morning paper on a tray table, neatly rolled up so that the pages will not flutter. Second, the machine boils the water, pours it into a cup, dips a tea bag or a coffee bag, and puts the cup on the table.

The machine will then proceed to make soft-boiled eggs while toasting a slice of bread, moving the bread back and forth over a glowing toasting rod. The egg is then delivered in an egg cup and the toast on a plate.

The final step involves a retractable tablecloth that moves sideways to dump all dishes into a bin.

Browne and Huggett said that the machine was inspired by inventions in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Secret Life of Machines, Mirror reports.

"The fun is in designing and making it but we don't always know how to store it," Browne told Mirror.

"I've got three or four other contraptions in my garage and a couple outside," he added.

According to Browne, the five-foot tall breakfast machine is just one of his many wacky inventions, although the Sunday Morning Breakfast machine is his pride and joy.

The inventors are hoping that the machine will be displayed in a museum and enjoyed by the public in the future.

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