Fishermen have caught two rare blue lobsters off the coast of Canada and these creatures look like it came from the science-fiction world were discovered in the waters off Alder Point, Nova Scotia.

Blaine Marsh has been a fisherman for so long, and last week, he made his first crustacean discover. He showed the blue lobster he caught for his daughter, who named the creature Blueberry.

"It's a good luck sign for the fisherman. I hope the fishermen have a good season this lobster season." Mary Marsh, wife of the fisherman, told CNN's affiliate CTV. Marsh did not intend to make the creature as a pet, but he released it back in the ocean on Sunday.

On May 23, Monday, another fisherman caught blue lobster about 93 miles away near Low Point, Nova Scotia. Scott MacKinnon told the source that the lobster is not the same lobster that Marsh caught because Marsh's lobster was undersized, and his was a pound and a half.

Unlike Marsh, MacKinnon plans to keep the crustacean in the tank until the end of lobster season, and he named it Opal.

A blue lobster is truly rare because about one in two million of lobster has a special gene mutation that affects their coloring according to University of Maine Lobster Institute. This phenomenon produces high levels of protein, thus giving the crustaceans their bright bright blue colors. 

Blue lobsters were first captured in 2012. A Canadian lobster boat captain nabbed one rare lobster in that year, and he showed it to a nearby ocean research institute. However, scientists were not interested in the creature.

Aside from blue lobsters, there is albino lobster, which is so uncommon and the chances of catching this kind creature is one in 100 million.