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Can Tesla Produce 500k Electric Cars in 2018? Elon Musk Sleeps in Factory to Oversee Production

May 16, 2016 03:32 AM EDT
Tesla Debuts Its New Crossover SUV Model, Tesla X
Elon Musk wanted to make sure that Tesla can deliver 500k electric cars by 2018. How? By sleeping near the production line where the cars are being made.
(Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Since Tesla announced the launch of their Model 3 electric car, the number of orders has flooded with almost half a million people who wanted to get their own piece of Tesla technology. Today, Tesla needed to deliver to about 500,000 orders for 2018 release date. Can they manage? Well, Tesla founder Elon Musk is making sure that they will be able to comply with the demand by sleeping at their gigafactory to oversee the production.


Tesla produced electric cars to initiate the shift to sustainable transport instead of using fuel. And because of that, they managed to earn the trust (and money) of a lot of people who wanted to help save the environment inside their Tesla electric vehicle. According to Tesla, because of their sustainable transport initiative, they were able to save 195,000 gallons of fuel and still counting.

"Musk has a sleeping bag in a conference room right next to where the cars are being manufactured" said NBC Bay Area in a report. It looks like the business tycoon and innovator is hands on when it comes to hitting the target, with his probably expensive and comfortable sleeping bag.

"I'm personally spending an enormous amount of time on the production line" said Elon Musk in an interview. This is after some critics say that Tesla might not be able to comply to the target when the order of the new Tesla cars skyrocketed. But Musk is confident that the orders will be delivered in time.

"My desk is at the end of the production line. I have a sleeping bag in a conference room adjacent to the production line, which I use quite frequently", Mashable quoted Musk.

Mashable added that "Musk is essentially holding up his sleeping bag to all the doubters." After all, Musk built a Gigafactory which is powered by renewable energy to meet the demands of his futuristic car.

Musk's ability to sleep at his business compounds is highly publicized and it's nothing new for the renewable energy aficionado. According to Ashlee Vance's Biography of ambitious executive, Musk used to sleep in a beanbag beside his desk at his Zip2 startup office.

"Almost every day, I'd come in at seven thirty or eight A.M., and he'd be asleep right there on that bag...Maybe he showered on the weekends, I don't know" said one of his former colleagues.

So it wouldn't be a surprise if in the future, you'll see Elon Musk sleeping beside his SpaceX rockets for their mission to Mars.

Detractors would want to see Tesla fail, but Elon Musk is optimistic that the cars will be released and delivered right on time. And the Tesla customers are hoping that Musk's antic will make sure that their cars are finished on time.


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