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Google Launches Science Journal App, You Can Now Conduct Experiments on Your Smartphone

May 26, 2016 07:32 AM EDT

Children and adults with hidden knack for scientific experiments can now conduct small scale experimentations at the tip of their fingertips with the help of a new app developed by Google dubbed as Science Journal.

The Science Journal app is the latest handy way of conducting an experiment. The app uses various sensors mounted in Smartphone, such as accelerometer, light sensor and microphone to measure light, motion and sound.

The app can also be used to as a note to record observations. It can also provide substantial help in visualizing data through graphs and tables.

"Science is also fundamentally about improving the world around you. It's not just memorizing facts, wearing a lab coat or listening to a lecture. It's observing the world around us to figure out how it works and how we can make things better through experimentation and discovery," Google explained in a blog post.

At present, Science Journal can only be used for small scale experiments. That is why Google decided to team up with San Francisco-based Exploratorium to develop and assemble creative hands-on learning activity kits, including inexpensive sensors, microcontrollers and craft supplies, to accompany the Science Journal app. These kits are available for purchase in the United States and can easily be assembled.

"Though we love seeing visitors on our museum floor exploring everything from sound to speed to color, what we love even more is inspiring a world of curious learners. We're excited about making hands-on exploration accessible to people in a place where they already are-their mobile devices. Every time you have a mobile device in your hand is an opportunity to ask questions about the world around you," Exploratorium said in a statement.

Google's Science Journal app is available for download in Google Play Store and can be readily installed in all devices powered by Android 4.4 Kitkat.

Google's commitment to encourage future scientist doesn't end in their Science Journal app. According to a report from PC Mag, Google sent over 120,000 kids to their local museums as part of Google Field Trip Days. The tech giant has also distributed more than 350,000 pairs of safety glasses at schools, makerspaces and Maker Faires around the world.

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