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Canadian Teen Discovers Hidden Mayan City with the Help of Google Earth

May 11, 2016 06:42 AM EDT

William Gadoury found a possible Mayan City hiding beneath thick canopy of the Yucatan jungle by using modern satellite imagery and Mayan astronomy.

The 15-year-old boy from Quebec theorizes that during their civilizations, Mayans used their vast knowledge of celestial bodies to choose the locations of their towns and cities in accordance to their star constellations.

According to the report from Daily Mail, Gadoury came up with his theory after wandering why Mayans chose to construct their cities far away from rivers and in inhospitable mountains.

Following his theory, Gadoury analyzed 23 Mayan constellations and matched them to known Mayan cities. And sure enough, 142 stars corresponded to the position of 177 Mayan Cities. Surprisingly, the larger cities also matched up with the brightest star.

Upon pushing through his theory, Gadoury encountered a star in the 23rd constellation that doesn't have a matching city. The 23rd constellation consists of three stars. Gadoury found the corresponding cities in for the two stars but failed to find a city matching the third one. This means that there is a Mayan city still waiting to be discovered.

Using Google Earth, Gadoury mapped out the satellite images provided by the Canadian Space Station featuring the location of the hidden city as suggested by star of the constellation. The area was not yet studied due to its dense vegetation.

Gardoury was surprised to find features in the area suggesting that there is something behind the canopy.

"There are linear features that would suggest there is something underneath that big canopy," said Daniel De Lisle, from the Canadian Space Agency told The Independent.

"There are enough items to suggest it could be a man made structure." added De Lisle.

William has named the yet-to-be explored city K'aak Chi, or Mouth of Fire.

According to scientists, the theory used by Gadoury to find the hidden Mayan city could lead other archeologists to discover other hidden Mayan cities.

Gadoury's discovery is scheduled to be presented at Brazil's International Science fair in 2017 and published in a journal.

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