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Google Project Ara, Official Launch Latest Update

May 24, 2016 02:53 AM EDT

Google officially announced on Friday at the Google I/O 2016, that the long awaited Project Ara will finally be available for developers this coming fall and will officially be out in the market for consumers by 2017.

After several seasons of delay and series of hindrances, Google finally reveals with confidence that there is no more stopping to the launching of this highly anticipated technological breakthrough.

With six ports using standard UniPro, each supporting up to 11.9 Gbps, each Ara module uses as much power as USB 3.

With 5.3 inch screen, Google's modular phone is known with the lego-like features as it contains six modular slots allowing users to swap modules even at power on.

What's interesting is that the modules eject by touching the module's picture on the map available on the right side of the device or by the easier way of using voice command, as reported by Tech Times.

The original plan on Ara was that Google will provide the endoskeleton to act like PC mother board and allow users to upgrade its parts should new innovations arrive. Plans however changed since they found it more relevant to just have the processors and other significant components such as processors compacted in one module.

"When we did our user studies, what we found is that most users don't care about modularizing the core functions," said Rafa Camargo, lead engineer on Project Ara. "They expect them all to be there, to always work, and to be consistent." "Our initial prototype was modularizing everything...just to find out users didn't care," he added, according to CNET.

ATAP, Advanced Technology and Products, a Google division specifically assigned to turn wild fantasies to technological reality stated that Ara will come with expanded memory module, camera, speaker and an E-Link display.

Ara, formerly Spiral 2 was supposed to be released on the market last year in Puerto Rico with everything set for its launch. But for some unknown reasons, the launching was postponed and most of the Ara hopefulls barely knew if the project was still alive.

The problem grew worse with Paul Eremenko, original Project Ara team head left followed by Regina Dugan, an official ATAP member who left Google for Facebook where she ran Building 8 a division working with the same goal ATAP.

ATAP confirmed that there are 30 people from the team who are already using Ara as their primary phone, as per Softpedia.

Take a closer look at Project Ara through this video.

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