On Thursday, Uber unveiled the launching of their test to their very own self-driving car in Pittsburgh where the blossoming Advanced Technologies Center is based. This is their big leap towards achieving their goal to make transportation as reliable as running water - everywhere and for everyone.

Surrounded with lasers and cameras, this Ford Fusion Hybrid has its roof filled with radar. It is fully equipped with facilities not only to test how the real world would respond to it's commence but especially for road mapping data collection.

Although created to function be self-driving, this fusion will have a test safety driver aide for now should the situation calls for it. This is to ensure the safety of technology as this hybrid is still in its early stage, as per Fox News.

Uber's rise towards autonomous transportation a reality is priced at $62.5 billion competing with Google(GOOG), Apple (AAPL), Tesla (TSLA), (Tech30) and GM (GM).

CNN reports that this amazing innovation comes a year after Uber launched Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh and partnered with Carnegie Mellon University robotics expert to respond to Google's mission to lower the number of human instigated traffic fatalities which increased by 8 percent last year compared to that of 2014.

National Safety Council reported that in 2015, there were 4.4 million car accident injuries and 33,000 deaths reported.

Google recently partnered with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles who agreed to produce 100 Pacifica minivans in line with Google's innovations. The latter is now on its seventh year of testing self-driving cars usually conducted in places such as in Mountain View, Calif, Phoenix, Kirkland, Wash., and Austin using Lexus SUV.

While various consumer reactions are coming out with the launching of Uber's self-driving car, the company remains optimistic on this most recent driving technology breakthrough.

"While Uber is still in the early days of our self-driving efforts, every day of testing leads to improvements. Right now we're focused on getting the technology right and ensuring it's safe for everyone on the road - pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers," said a blog post released by the company, according to USA Today.

Take a quick journey with Uber self-driving technology through this video.