The phrase "Leave nothing but footprints" applies to areas where tourists are allowed to walk on. But in the case of the Canadians caught stomping on the off-limits Grand Prismatic Spring in the Yellowstone National Park, it is a different story. The group is now facing legal charges as videos and photos of them trampling on a natural spring grounds surfaced.

The 'ecologically sensitive' grounds of the Yellowstone National Park is home to the Grand Prismatic Spring. The spring is one of the largest hot springs in the world. It measures 300 feet in diameter and is known for its fascinating colors that change along with the seasons.

During summertime, warm orange and red hues are visible and during winter shades green can be seen. The center remains blue all throughout the seasons. Because of the unique characteristics of the spring, it is understandable why it is highly protected by the government, earning its off-limits status.  

This is why the public was irked upon seeing the photo and video of Canadian tourists stomping on the sensitive ground as reported by Huffington Post. In the footage, which was provided anonymously to Buckrail website and uploaded by Youtube user Jill Thompson, four people were seen playing near the edge of the spring. There were some running and picture taking going on in an apparent attempt to film their natural conquer.

It is not known whether or not the tourists were informed about the sensitivity of the spring, but as responsible citizens and tourists, they should know the right and proper places to take selfies. Pathways were specifically provided giving tourists a line to follow.

Huffington Post added that the tourists charged were Charles Ryker Gamble, Alexey Andriyovych Lyakh and Justis Cooper Price-Brown, members of the group 'High on Life SundayFundayz.'


According to the group's Facebook page, they are members of the group who travel the world for a living and who also 'make fun and adventurous' video. Well, the authorities weren't impressed with that video, at all.

In a report by K2 radio, they said that warrants were issued for the arrest of the tourists however it is not known how the case has progressed.

After learning about the immensity of their misdemeanor, the group promptly issued a statement on their Facebook page in a lengthy post accompanying a photo of the Grand Prismatic Spring.


"We would like to apologize to our community. Three days ago we were lucky enough to visit Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and made the unfortunate error of leaving the pathway. We did not respect the protected environment we were exploring, and we want to acknowledge our wrongdoing" said Ryker, Alexey, Justis, Parker of the High on Life Crew on their Facebook page.

Along with the apology, they promised to take down footages taken from the Grand Prismatic Spring as a sign of respect. They said they were drawn to the beauty of the spring that's why they decided to deviate from the pathways.

"It was the wrong decision to make. We realize that now. For this we would like to sincerely apologize to the Yellowstone park community and the public" they added in their earlier statement.

In an attempt to make things right, the group pledged to donate $5,000 to the Yellowstone National Park.