The amount of plastic wastes on the planet today is enough to cover the planet with plastic, according to an Australian organization. With 5 billion tons of plastic waste it looks like it is true.

In an article by Faye Flam, she said that unless drastic changes are done when it comes to recycling and plastic item production, there's a change that the Earth could be covered in plastic in no time. She also said our generation will be known as the plastic era since plastic use, production and pollution balloon in our generation.

According to her study, plastic pollutants could turn into fossil-like material underneath the Earth's surface. Man begun producing plastic on the onset of the 20th century and since then there were 5 billion tons of plastic wastes.

This problem is so alarming that paleontologist, Jan Zalasiewicz, said that if the plastic wastes will be transformed into a cling wrap, it will be enough to cover the globe.

That's why experts are hoping that mankind to seriously consider the conservation of our planet.

One possible solution is to increase recycling rate when it comes to plastic. Another is to lessen or even deviate from producing non-biodegradable plastics.

The scenario of future generation unearthing fossilized plastic is appalling. This is the consequence for man's penchant to produce too much plastic without thinking about disposal.

During the latest flight of Solar Impulse over the Pacific, the pilot has had an alarming view. Pilot Bertrand Piccard said he passed by a sea of plastic wastes which is as large as a continent which goes to show that this is indeed a global problem visible in all parts of the world.


According to NOAA Marine Debris Programme, what Captain Piccard saw was the Great Pacific Garbage Patches, which are pieces of plastic 'suspended throughout a water column in the Pacific Ocean'. The patches are natural gathering points of garbage trapped in rotating currents. This is where garbage ends when thrown irresponsibly.

This is a problem which needs to be addressed and the only solution is for mankind to change their ways. Recycling is one core cure which should be taken by heart or else, the future generation will live in a planet wrapped with plastic waste.