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Tesla Avoids Accidental Crash by Updating Self-Parking 'Summon Mode' Feature

May 19, 2016 04:21 AM EDT

Tesla's self-parking "Summon mode" is the epitome of futuristic transport technology, until somebody crashed his Model S electric car while using the "summon" mode.

This is why Tesla was forced to release an update for all the models of their electric cars. The 'Summon Mode', usually controlled via a smart phone, will now ask the owner which direction it should go before it maneuvers itself autonomously, so as to avoid unintentional crash.

Tesla introduced the highly advanced autopilot and active safety and convenience feature in the Version 7.0 software. According to Tesla, by using the Summon mode, the car can park itself and shut down autonomously. It also has smart parking capabilities. But a recent accident proves that there are loopholes with the summon mode, although it can track the way through its sensors, there are obstacles which the car failed to recognize causing unintentional crash.

With version 7.1, the driver has the option to choose whether to go forward or backward before the car started maneuvering for the self-parking feature.

"Prior to this update, the electric vehicle would have driven itself forward, and the driver has to choose reverse from the center display. Now the driver will need to choose reverse or forward each and every time they trigger the Summon feature" said Aman Jain of Value Walk in a report.

Although the release of the update was very timely to the crash, Tesla did not directly associate the update with it. They said that it is very hard to misuse an intelligent car because there are various safety warning signals being flashed when a Tesla is about to hit an obstacle. This is why other people argue that the crash might have been caused by an irresponsible driver who had intentionally disregarded warning signs.

Nevertheless, the update is a gesture well received by Tesla users. The company said that they are still in the Beta stage and is further developing the summon mode. They advised customers to practice the feature in private property first to familiarize themselves with the command.

"Eventually, your Tesla will be able to drive anywhere across the country to meet you, charging itself along the way. It will sync with your calendar to know exactly when to arrive" said Tesla's spokesperson in a statement.

The software upgrade 7.1 is a step closer to a fully autonomous driving experience. And with more brands developing their own smart, electric and futuristic cars, Tesla should always be on top of their toes if they want to remain the top electric car maker in the industry.


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