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World's Largest Floating Windfarm Will Be Built in Scotland

May 17, 2016 08:55 AM EDT

The campaign to use renewable and sustainable energy has led many countries developing their own sources of energy. In Scotland, they are building the World's largest floating windfarm to create energy from the wind the first in the region.

What makes this technology different is that no foundation needs to be built to harness the energy of strong winds. The frontrunner in this technology can be found in Portugal. The turbines, found 5 km off the Portugese coasts, are harvesting energy from the strong winds while they float.

One pioneer in this technology is the Windfloat turbine. They are building turbines which can be deployed in the deepest oceans and which can tackle the strongest wind to harness energy.

"We are changing the paradigm of offshore wind and making it suitable for any location in the oceans" said Alla Weinstein chief executive of the US company principle power in an interview with The Guardian.

Windfloat is only the second in its magnitude to be deployed at sea. The blades of the turbines reach 120m which is stabilized by three-pillared platform. Windfloat managed to survive even the harshest wind conditions and said that they are ready for further development.

Portugal maybe the frontrunner of windfarm technology, but Scotland is about to inaugurate the world's largest floating windfarm.

In another report by The Guardian, they stated that a company called Statoil was granted with a seabed lease to develop a windfarm 15 miles off the coasts of Peterhead. The project is expected to open by the end of 2017.

This project will be the biggest windfarm in the world, it is called the Hywind Windfarm. The Norwegian company is expected to develop 6MW turbines to harvest energy from the wind.

"We are very pleased to develop this project in Scotland, in a region with a huge wind resource and an experienced supply chain from oil and gas," said Leif Delp, project director for the Hywind Scotland project in the same interview.

Because of the potential of the wind power in area, the company decided to lease the spot and build turbines. Currently, more than 90 percent of the world's offshore wind capacity is installed in Europe.

Experts say that this is a first in Scottish waters and also the biggest in the world.


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