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Sonic Net Can Prevent Bird-Jet Collisions on Airports

May 12, 2016 09:39 AM EDT
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Birds can cause accidents and delays in airfields that's why aviation experts are always on the lookout for possible solution to this problem.
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Birds in flying in quantity can cause plane accidents, in some cases it can cause long haul delays in flight. In both cases, most of them end up injured or dead, especially in jet-bird collisions.

That's why aviation experts are looking for ways to solve this problem. The Ecological Applications  has found a way to somehow curb this problem. They suggest that using a 'noise net' in the airfields can prevent birds from entering a specific area. reported that birds costs money and lives in the aviation industry. A total of "$937 million in the US alone, and were responsible for 255 deaths between 1988 and 2013."

The Ecological Applications led by Professor John Swaddle found a solution. They suggested using the noise net in airfields. The noise nets will emit sound that could prevent jet and birds collisions.

In another study by the Research Associate at the University of Exeter, they found out that in an airfield with 'acoustic noise' the birds' presence were reduced by 80 percent.

According to Huffington Post, ninety seven percent of bird strikes occur during take-off and landing and that the use of sonic noise should be targeted to areas usually used for these purposes.

Although pilots are trained to tackle bird strikes, that scenario evidently results to deaths of birds. That's why the option to just scare them away from airfields are highly favored.

"We have conducted prior research in an aviary but this is the first study done out in the field to show the efficacy of the sonic net," said John Swaddle.

"We are using a different kind of deterrent - trying to stop birds from hearing one another by playing a noise that is at the same pitch as the alarm calls or predator noises they are listening out for" he added.

Scientist said that they will produce noise that the birds wouldn't like. And aside from airfields, this technology can also be developed for use in other industries such as agriculture.


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