If you have not heard it yet, air is now a luxury in other countries.

Just recently, World Health Organization reported that 80% of city dwellers are now breathing dangerous levels of polluted air.

And based on the statistics, three million premature deaths occur each year because of the intoxicating air that we breathe.So naturally, business-minded people would think of a way to provide clean air while having something in their pockets.

Below are some of the entrepreneurs who sell fresh air in exchange for money:

Vitality Air

The Chinese-owned company started selling air in can last 2012.

Chen Guangbiao, who is believed to be one of China's richest entrepreneurs sells a can from $ 20-63. The canned air reportedly comes in a variety of flavors.

 #Friyay !! Take a look at our #new product ! 3 new flavors of #oxygen - #grape #rootbeer #strawberry ?????? #vitalityair

A photo posted by Vitality Air Inc (@vitalityair) on Apr 29, 2016 at 3:50pm PDT

According to Huffington Post, the company sold more than $800 worth of cans on the opening.


A company put up by Leo De Watts, a British national in Hong Kong, Aether claims to have an air of pure essence found only in the clearest of skies.

"Aethear is collected from fresh natural air flowing over a range of prime locations, from fertile lush pastures and wild untouched meadows, to wind-kissed hilltops and heavenly snow-capped mountains," explains Aethear. 

The air is sealed in a jar and sold for $115. You can choose from 6 different sources of Great Britain oxygen: Dorest, Somerset, Wales, Wiltshire and Yorkshire. Three months ago, De Watts told Country and Town House that a factory in China has been ordering from them.

Paraside Air

Coming from the land down under is the oxygen from Paradise Air. The company boasts of their bottled air that heals and indulges your bodys with the purest air on earth.

According to their website, they collect air from three of the most remote regions in the world:

  1. Cape Grim, Tasmania, Australia: Cleanest, purest air on Planet Earth
  2. South Coast, Australia: Pristine, sun-soaked beach air
  3. Remote Blue Mountains, Australia: Crisp, clean mountain-fresh air

Bottled at Altitude 

The newest to enter the business is Jakob Aungiers, a german skydiver which sells bottled fresh air that he captures when he skydives.

Mirror UK notes that he is offering bottles at an introductory price of $ 144 but says they will soon shoot up to $ 289.