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Google Launches Tilt Brush, A 3D Painting Virtual Reality Device

May 12, 2016 06:14 AM EDT
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Google just launched Tilt Brush, a virtual reality painting app which allows users to paint life-size 3D artworks using a digital brush and digital palettes.
(Photo : Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Painting has reached new heights. Google just announced their Tilt Brush app which enabled the painter to create life-size virtual reality artworks. Using a VR lens and a console, artists can paint in a virtual canvass. Tilt Brush is a new virtual reality app which according to CNN "push the boundaries of what it (painting) can represent."

Google said with Tilt brush, an artist can paint infinitely with the space around you as the canvass. An artist can paint using a console and a VR device to see the environment. After the painting is done, the artist then can view his artwork from any angle possible, giving artists an infinite option and a multi-dimensional canvass.


The console or what they call the 'digital brush' will enable artists to paint. It is connected with the HTC Vive headset which is capable of life-size, 3D paint strokes. This only means that the artworks can be as huge as an entire room.

The Tilt brush can also be used with patterns or guide objects such as a mannequin to help designers in creating 3D clothing designs.

Google also said this new technology will give the artists an experience like never before. They built a library of virtual palettes which includes fire, light and a lot more.

But the best part is that this technology can help you paint life-size artworks and installations which can even turn to a museum because the artist can actually walk within the virtual creation itself.

The tilt brush app is already available with HTC vive bundle and because it is already out in the market, artists are discovering ways to use this new amazing creative technology.

"I had this idea of what I wanted to do, but when I entered the virtual space, at that moment everything changed," says calligrapher Said Dokins in an interview with CNN. While Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada said in another interview with CNN "What really struck me was the ability that this has for this to be a platform for installations in museum and gallery space."

This new immersive artwork will pave the way to the new age of art. With virtual technology the realm and reach of art is infinite therefore the artist's imagination can fly as high as it could.

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