The famous ESA astronaut, Tim Peake, who completed the London Marathon in space is worried he might get stuck.

His mission was already extended by two weeks, and he fears that the worsening relations of the UK and Russia might get extended a little longer because he is supposed to ride a Russian spacecraft on his way back to Earth from the ISS.


In a report by TechTimes, Peake was worried that he might get abandoned in the ISS if the West and Moscow situation worsen. The tension between the countries rose when the American Defense secretary said that Russia is 'Nuclear Saber-Rattling'.

Somehow the UK got in between the US-Russia rift and received some comments from Putin himself. In a recent appearance for the Russian Army, President Vladimir Putin expressed his disappointment with the West because of their ""unacceptable double standards" as quoted by a report by the New York Times.

Historically, the British government has already suspended military ties with the Russians in 2014 and Peake fears that if it happens again, he will be stranded in space.

Peake is scheduled to ride Russian Soyuz rocket. The UK Foreign Office Minister Tobias Ellwood revealed that it has been a concern by Peake since the start of the mission.

But the same agency said President Putin reassured Peake and ESA that he will not be abandoned inside the ISS. "Mr. Ellwood, tell Mr. Peake we will not abandon him," said Russian president Vladimir Putin.

There are a few more months remaining in Peake's space mission and as some reports suggest, Peake have no choice but to trust the words of the Russian president. Hopefully, issues will get resolved before Peake resort to hitch-hiking in the next spacecraft scheduled to depart the ISS.