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North Korea Tests Space Rockets, Ballistic Missiles

May 09, 2016 10:34 AM EDT

In a news report by Daily Mail, the North Korean Space rocket technology called Simorgh was obtained by Iran and it was finally tested for the first time.

According to the report, the space rockets are believed to have the capabilty "to deliver nuclear warheads." The space rocket which was built by Iran was launched in a top secret military base.

The said activity, with such vast capability is closely monitored by defense systems around the globe, including the US.

"Obviously we're watching this as best we can. Certainly if it's true and we're talking about a ballistic missile launch or the testing of ballistic missile technologies, that's obviously of concern to us. It's not consistent, as we said before, with the Security Council resolution" said US state department official John Kirby.

But what's alarming for worldwide defense officers is North Korea's Earth Observation Satellite. According to reports, this space program is seen as a cover for ballistic and nuclear missile research. It was launched early this year into space using the Unha-3 rocket.

Meanwhile, North Korea is conducting regular nuclear tests. The North Korea state media also announced that last April they tested a sunmarine-launched ballistic missile called Gorae. Although lift-off was a success, the rocket was said to have crashed in the sea of Japan.

With the simultaneous development of North Korea's nuclear weapons, space rockets, ballistic missiles and their new Earth observation satellite, some say North Korea could have been preparing for a war which involves Earth and beyond.

In an article by Newsweek, in what was first proposed in a fictional novel,  the next "Pearl Harbour" could happen in space.

Today with China, US, Russia, Japan and other power players developing space technology and their space defense systems capable of annihilating satellites and military bases, the concept of "Pearl Harbour" in space doesn't seem to far fetched anymore. With North Korea showing a progression with their space technologies, experts are scared that world war 3 in space is no longer impossible.

But as long as the nations and power players continue to collaborate and cooperate with each other, a space war could be prevented. And as the famous author, who wrote "Ghost Fleet" and presented the world war 3 in space scenario, Peter Singer said "Let's hope it stays in the realm of fiction."


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