The Yellowstone National Park is a safe haven for wild animals including grizzly bears. To the disappointment of many, a resident grizzly bear named Scarface was brutally killed by a hunter prompting the authorities to pursue the perpetrator.

Scarface, also known as bear No. 211, was shot and killed in November 2015 according to the Washington Post. The authorities just recently confirmed the death of the bear. Out of the 750 grizzly bears in Yellowstone, no one compares to the popularity of Scarface. The 338-pound bear was approximately 25 years old.

The bear earned its name because of its dominance and aggressive behavior towards other bears which resulted in a damaged ear during his prime .

Fox News said that the wildlife officials have confirmed the death of the resident grizzly bear of the Yellowstone National Park named Scarface. The news also stated that the news alarmed the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and they are now thoroughly investigating the matter because grizzly bears are listed as threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.

"In his prime, No. 211 weighed approximately 600 pounds. At his last capture in 2015, he had lost nearly half of his body weight, weighing in at only 338 pounds...His body condition was probably linked to his advanced age of 25 years. Less than 5 percent of male bears born in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem survive to 25 years" said the park's management in a press release.

Scarface popularity can be attributed to his frequent encounters with biologists, records say he was captured 17 times during his lifetime making him the most studied grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park.

Because of the circumstances surrounding the death of the famous grizzly bear, Scarface was dubbed as the next Cecil the Lion after suffering the same fate under the hands of merciless hunters.

The death of the bear is still shrouded in mystery because the animal died in November 2015 but it was only announced and confirmed a few days ago. And up to this day, the hunter who killed Scarface remains unidentified.