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PETA Calls for Animal-Free Circus Shows

Apr 28, 2016 01:39 PM EDT
Circus Elephants
Animals are known to perform since decades ago. Is it time to finally stop using animals in circus?
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Gone are the days of animals performing in circuses. PETA calls for a new age of circus wherein animals are no longer forced to perform. In a press release yesterday, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) expressed their gratitude towards Melha Shrine Circus because they just announced their animal-free shows this year at the Eastern States Coliseum.

PETA is just one of the many organizations who vehemently disagree with the use of animals in circuses because according to them it is considered animal abuse.

PETA said when used in circus acts, "animals are beaten into submission. Gentle elephants are threatened with sharp tools called "bullhooks," and tigers are made to jump through hoops of fire, despite being naturally terrified of flames."

According to PETA, what happens beyond the shows are alarming as well. Sometimes, the animals aren't fed well, or even mistreated. Their living conditions during circus tour are also depressing, leaving the animals in cramped spaces and in extremely humid conditions without proper care. Some shows were proven to violate animal rights and were given counts of animal abuse by the Federal Animal Welfare Act. That's why Melha received praises from PETA for producing animal-free shows.

The Melha Shrine Circus from Massachusetts will be performing at the Eastern States Coliseum. They are performing to promote awareness of Shriners Hospital for Children in Springfield; they call themselves "circus with a purpose". And to be able to help their advocacy, they also chose to perform their circus animal-free. According to Melha "It is good, wholesome family entertainment, presented in a safe environment."

Born Free USA is another proponent of the Animal-free circus in the U.S. They support and announce members of the new age of circus or those who perform in animal-free shows. They promote circuses which does not employ and abuse animals. According to them not all shows announce that they are animal-free so they are helping them create awareness that there are no animals harmed and involved in their shows.

PETA calls for more shows to go animal-free. But to be able to make this advocacy successful, PETA says the people and the viewers should do their part, not to tolerate and watch shows which involve animals. This way, more circus management will decide to make a drastic change and spare animals from the abuse that's happening in a circus environment.

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