New York is indeed the city of dreams, but apparently that saying doesn't apply to animals. This month, an abused dog and a slaughterhouse-runaway bull were rescued on the busy streets of New York City. The citizens took it upon themselves to save the four-legged creatures.

Celebrity and comedian Jon Stewart showed his softer side when he rescued a bull who had just escaped a slaughterhouse. According to Inside Edition, the animal was being offloaded from a truck when it escaped and ran towards the streets near a college campus. They said people had mistaken it as a joke, but later on dismissed the idea when the bull went berserk.


"As we turned the corner, one kid yelled out 'cow.' I'm thinking it was an April Fool's joke, and lo and behold, it was a cow," Tyrone Sellers said in an interview with CBS News.

The Animal Care & Control in Brooklyn named the bull Frank Lee after an Alcatraz escapee, befitting the animal's stunt that day. It looks like luck is on Frank's side, because according to Inside Edition's report, Jon Stewart and his wife drove to Brooklyn to pick up the bull. The farm director said Stewart was even seen feeding the bull.

In a separate incident, in Long Island Highway also in New York, a German Shepherd was dumped along the highway with its mouth sealed with duct tape.

According to Roy Gross, chief of the Suffolk County SPCA, the dog "didn't seem to be in this condition for long, so we believe this is something that happened last night or sometime late yesterday," in an interview with NBC.

Despite the awful condition, authorities found out that the dog was in good shape, after the duct tape was removed. Gross, however, expressed his sentiments towards irresponsible pet owners, "I can say whoever did this is a truly heartless individual."

An on-going investigation to find the owner of the dog is currently seeking help. A $2,000 reward was offered by the police department to whoever can find the cruel owners of the dog.

Cases like this prove that animal abuse happens all over the world. Animal abuse is happening everywhere, in rural areas, and now even in the city. But the good thing is there are good people who are willing to help rescue these poor animals from their awful situations.