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Valentine's Day: Polar Bear Gets Treat at St. Louis Zoo

Feb 14, 2016 03:01 PM EST
Polar Bear
Polar bear gets a heart-shaped pink chunk of ice filled with tasty Valentine's Day treats.
(Photo : St. Louis Zoo/Twitter )

The St. Louis Zoo's resident polar bear Kali got the perfect Valentine's Day treat: A heart-shaped pink chunk of ice filled with mackerel, capelin and apples.

This unusual Valentine was given to the 995-pound bear by the zoo's nutrition staff. It weighed a total of 202 pounds, and in a video posted on the zoo's Facebook page, Kali could be seen playing with it, trying to break it so he could get to the yummy, fish-filled center.

Kali is now three years old and has been a resident at the St Louis Zoo, Missouri, since May of last year. Before then he lived at the Buffalo zoo after being orphaned in Alaska's wilderness when a hunter unknowingly killed his mother.

Kali's is not the zoo's only Valentine, though. Heart-shaped boxes filled with treats were also given to monkeys and lemurs, according to the Daily Mail.

Watch Kali try to free his Valentine's treats:

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