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Toronto Zoo Polar Bear Cub Plays In Snow For First Time [VIDEO]

Feb 13, 2016 12:40 PM EST
Toronto Zoo Polar Bear Cub
Toronto Zoo's polar bear cub was recently introduced to snow.
(Photo : Toronto Zoo/Facebook )

The Toronto Zoo's female polar bear cub recently turned three months old, and to celebrate the zoo introduced her to the snowy outdoors for the very first time. Video footage released of her experience shows her having a grand old time, rolling around in the fluffy white stuff.

"She will continue to spend time outdoors daily to slowly become familiarized with the area which will become her new home," the Zoo said in a statement.

Currently the unnamed cub resides in the maternity den of the zoo's polar bear exhibit and cannot yet be seen by the public. At only three months old she now weighs 16.5 pounds and eats five times a day. While she still receives formula, meat is also slowly being added into her diet.

This adorable cub is one of two born to Aurora, one of the zoo's adult polar bears, on Nov. 11. Sadly, however, its sibling passed away within the first 24 hours.

Previously, the internet saw the cub when she was two months old and learning to walk. While her wobbly steps and unsure movements were adorable, her innate playfulness in her natural environment will melt your heart.

Polar bear cub sees snow for the first time!Take a look at our polar bear cub seeing snow for the first time! ❄ #TOpolarbearcub

Posted by The Toronto Zoo on Friday, February 12, 2016

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