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Shark Video: Discovery Channel Finds Sharks Like Music of Death

Jul 13, 2015 01:13 PM EDT

It turns out that sharks in the wild crave the music of rumbly dissonance and violence.

At least, that's what a Discovery Channel crew, filming for the Shark Week show Bride of Jaws, say worked for them--they used the growling, low frequencies of death-metal music recently to attract two great white sharks, one of which was 12 feet long, reported The Independent

Apparently, the aggressive, powerful drumming and atonal keys of death-metal can sound to sharks like struggling fish, which draws them right in.

Discovery Channel posted their video on the experience, here.

Something similar has worked for Matt Waller, a shark tour operator in Australia, who has found that AC/DC songs caused sharks to alter their behavior.

Sharks pick up sound through two small openings behind and above their eyes, which lead to internal ears. The sensitive cells located there allow sharks to hear low frequency sounds and notice possible prey swimming and spashing nearby, according to the Smithsonian Institution

In addition to hearing, sharks have a spidey sense that allows them to detect the electric fields that animals create when their muscles contract. Small pores on sharks' heads, full of special cells called ampullae of Lorenzini, pick up the electrical fields, the Smithsonian Institute also says. 

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