Is Your Job Safe From the AI Apocalypse? Teachers, Journalists, Lawyers to Be Replaced by Robots Soon

Feb 22, 2017 09:56 AM EST

People who are under the impression that the supposed "AI Revolution" of robots will only be affecting automation jobs may have to recalculate their estimates. A new study claims that jobs outside automation are also under the threat of being replaced by robots.

These even include lawyers, therapists and teachers: all jobs that were initially thought the robot "apocalypse" will not be affecting.

According to a recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute that was released last January, "half" of the work activities nowadays will be automated as soon as 2055. Add a few decades more and other jobs, which were initially thought as irreplaceable, will eventually be taken over by AI.

For instance, The Guardian notes that middle managers are in the danger of losing their jobs as AI technology begins to build algorithms to automate management decisions.

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Lawyers are not safe, too. A program called DoNotPay has helped more than 150,000 people fight tickets in cities such as Seattle, New York and London. They just need to fill out a questionnaire to see if they have a good case.

Meanwhile, journalists are also in danger. AI bots like Narrative Science and Automated Insights are already making "articles" for Forbes and Associated Press. Others even predict that these bots will be dominating the field by 2030.

"Social robots" are starting to "teach" children with autism. These therapeutic robots will eventually replace human therapists as well. Other jobs at stake include teachers, authors and even delivery guys.

This phenomenoon is a result of the continuous growth of electronics and robotics, which have created new methods of automating jobs for various kinds of work. Automation is considered beneficial for companies as robots cost less than actual human labor.

Of course, not all is lost. A widely-cited study from Oxford back in 2013 said the highest degrees of intelligence are not yet digitized. Even artists are safe, as robots are just beginning to tap into their "creative" spectrum and is still a widely-researched field in AI.

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