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Goodbye Wires? uBeam Reveals New Futuristic Wireless Charger Using Ultrasound

Feb 16, 2017 08:57 AM EST

Humanity's dependence on technology has a few caveats. However, unlike usual discussions on its capacity to impair the pursuit of knowledge and other philosophical discussions, scientists refer to a more physical conundrum: charging. In a surprising twist, it seems a start-up company called uBeam already got us covered.

uBeam has finally spoken up about its secretive wireless technology and its pursuit to make cordless charging possible. According to Tech Crunch, the company has just unveiled its recent prototype of a device that can charge phones via ultrasonic waves.

Silicon Valley-based uBeam has been unknown to the public since its conception. Others who are aware of its existence know it as a wireless charging company, but it has not revealed its magic until now.

In a supposed "off-the-record" demonstration at the Upfront Summit in Los Angeles, company CEO Meredith Perry showed uBeam's wireless charging innovation, The Verge reports.

In the demonstration, Perry was holding an Android phone near a large device and had to wait a few seconds before the charging icon appeared on her phone, even if it was not connected anywhere.

The current goal, of course, is to shrink the huge gadget into a handheld device that people can carry or use inside their homes. Tech Crunch notes that the show-off is a good step for the company, considering the criticisms and doubts they have received about their wireless charging technology being impossible.

Axios said the main goal of uBeam is to create a device that can be a "charger," but this may take a while. First, they have to answer some questions, such as the physics and consistency behind the ultrasound charging technology.

However, if uBeam resolves this hurdles, their technology will, for sure, be a game changer in the industry. This may someday lead to more practical charging spaces as well as homes where devices can be charged without the need of wires.

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