Imagining a Real-World Modern Santa: How Would He Use Technology to Deliver Gifts on Christmas Eve?

Dec 08, 2016 10:15 AM EST

Santa Claus has been a fictional character meant to represent the spirit of gift giving during Christmas. However, a sleigh dragged by flying reindeer seems to be an age-old concept of travel, and people are thinking about what Santa could look like if he lived in the modern world.

Independent UK provided a glimpse of Santa's possible costume that would be at par with the look and style of today. According to the report, there is a high possibility that he would be wearing a man-bun for his very long white hair. Also, he would probably be sporting ripped jeans and some Nike Air Max trainers.

Upon probing the real-world scene, some experts indicated which possible technology would be very useful for Santa Christmas. The first would be a newly designed sleigh that makes no use of reindeer. According to a report from Live Science, he would probably have a "shoe-embedded radar system," a technology currently being developed by the North Carolina University. For a man who travels to millions of homes in one night, he can't ever lose his way.

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The next thing that he needs would be a system that will make his kid surveillance much easier. With the technology of unmanned aerial vehicles (or UAVs), it would be easier for Santa to track if any kid had been naughty or nice. There are newly developed, solar-powered UAVs which could have flights as long as four to five years at a time. There would be more than enough power to go from the North Pole and circle the world throughout the year.

The next and most important thing Santa should be focusing on would be the manufacturing of toys. According to a report from the Weather Network, it is through the advent of the 3-D printing technology that less work would be needed from Santa's elves. With automation systems like this, it would be easier for Santa to mass-produce toys. 

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