Green Energy Policies May Lead to Further Disaster, Experts Say

Dec 06, 2016 05:53 AM EST

Experts claim that green energy policies, particularly in Europe, may not only be meaningless but could even lead to further disaster. As Europe and other countries in the world rely more strongly on biofuels, many scientists and experts actually claim that there are chances that it could contribute more to emissions.

Since burning of wood and other biofuels has been quite the trend in energy production, there are reports that it can do more harm than good. Green policies do not include in their scope the monitoring of the sources of these biofuels, and there is no guarantee that they came from "sustainable sources." According to a report from The New Scientist, the new policy on using biomass energy has fuelled deforestation in many areas across the globe.

The Paris Climate Change Agreement has provided regulations regarding the production of energy in not only Europe but also across the globe. However, according to Bird Life International, it seems that the lack of policies on biomass sources has even increased the scale of forest burning. The deliberate burning of forests to gain biofuel sources may lead to not only more uncontrolled emissions than burning coal but also the loss of biodiversity.

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The intentions of the green energy policies are clear and direct to the point. However, it seems that the world still has a long way to go to fully achieve its goals, especially when some countries do not completely do their roles. The economic aspects of this have hindered a number of countries from participating. There are reports from the Conservative Review that two countries have taken a step back from the agreement as China enters further coal mining and Canada signs off oil pipelines within their country.

To motivate its members, the European Union has created a "clean energy package" that will make green energy policies more attractive economically. Basically, the aim of this package is to attract private and public investments on clean energy. Until sustainable sources are monitored and countries in the world understand the economic benefits of the green energy policy, it would seem as if it would just do more harm than good. 

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