Historic Discovery: Archaeologists Unearth Secret Ancient Egyptian City and Cemetery

Nov 24, 2016 04:29 AM EST

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an ancient city and cemetery in Egypt that dates back to 5,316 B.C.E., during Egypt's First Dynasty. The ancient city was discovered at Abydos city in the Sohag governate.

According a report from Egypt Independent, Mahmoud Afify, head of the Egyptian Antiquities Sector, announced the discovery to the public on Wednesday. Afify said that the residential city was discovered during an archaeological mission conducted by the ministry.

The ancient Egyptian city and cemetery was found 400 meters south of King Seti I Temple and were probably home to senior officials that built the cemeteries of the Egyptian royal family in Abydos city.

Archaeologists discovered in the site huts and tools used for everyday life. Remains of pottery and stone tools found in the area suggests that the ancient Egyptian city supplied food and drink to laborers constructing the royal tombs.

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BBC Middle East analyst Alan Johnston says that the discovery of the ancient cemetery is important for modern archaeology as well as for Egypt's tourism. The discovered ancient tomb is akin to mastabas, a traditional ancient tomb that's usually made of mudbrick with a rectangular shape, flat roof and sloped sides.

Meanwhile, Central Administration of Upper Egypt Antiquities, Hany Aboul Azm, said that they have currently discovered 15 ancient graves, which are made of mudbrick and are huge, signifying that these burial sites belong to people with influence and high social status in the community.

Afify said that the ministry-discovered Egyptian city and grave are important as they could open new doors in understanding the history of Abydos city and ancient Egypt.

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