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Proof of Time Travel? Hieroglyphs Show Ancient Egyptians Use Electricity 4000 Years Ago

Oct 11, 2016 02:48 AM EDT

Is there truly futuristic technology etched into ancient hieroglyphs? Some swear there is, pointing to images of helicopters, spacecraft and even simple light bulbs in Egyptian art from an era that shouldn't even be dreaming yet of such advanced technology.

According to a report from Express, there are 3000-year-old in Seti I's temple in Abydos, Egypt that supposedly depict a variety of air transportation that will not have existed until thousands of years after - among them are a helicopter, plane and futuristic aircraft. These have been dubbed as the Helicopter Hieroglyphs.

Circles of those who believe in time travel suggest that the ancient Egyptians couldn't have known how to draw these aircrafts without seeing them or at least a photo of them. Time travel, they say, is a likely explanation.

In a video by the YouTube account Strange Mysteries, it is pointed out that 4000-year-old hieroglyphs in the Temple of Dendera show the Egyptians using lightbulbs and electricity - technology they aren't supposed to have even known about, let alone use.

The video even argues that lightbulbs are actually required to complete hieroglyphs works in places that cannot be accessed by other light sources like sunlight or torches. Flame torches are convenient, but it needs an opening for the smoke to escape and keep people from suffocating to death. Many crevices in pyramids and other ancient buildings do not have this opening, so the hieroglyphs there would have to be drawn with a different light source illuminating the walls.

Time travel is a popular theory, but even more well-accepted in certain pseudoscience circles is that advanced alien beings shared their technology with the ancient communities and helped them create some of the world's most amazing wonders, like the pyramids, the Stonehedge and the like.

While there's no definitive proof of the accuracy or inaccuracy of modern interpretations to the hieroglyphs, physicists did recently prove that traveling to the past is impossible.

"We've found these nuclei literally point toward a direction in space," Marcus Scheck, a researcher from the University of the West of Scotland, said in an interview with BBC News. "This relates to a direction in time, proving there's a well-defined direction in time and we will always travel from past to present."

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