Leonardo Di Caprio 'Regram' a Photo of Shrinking Lake Urmia in Iran; Gains Respect of Iranians

May 12, 2016 04:22 AM EDT

The climate change superstar has done it again. On his official Instagram account, Leonardo DiCaprio reposted a photo by The Weather Channel, which is about a shipdock in an apparent dried surface of Lake Urmia in Iran.

The post garnered 307,000 likes and earned him a 'climate change hero' status in Iran. His repost was also called one of the famous 'regram' on Instagram.

A news report said that his 'regram' has caused a flooding of support and attention to Iran's shrinking and dying Lake Urmia. DiCaprio has several climate change organizations under his belt and also an appointed Climate Change representative by the United Nations.

Lake Urmia has always been a climate change dilemma in Iran because it appears to be shrinking. It used to be the largest salt water lake in the Middle East but due to climate change, irresponsible infrastructures (like dams) and drought, it has started to shrink and dry up. It is evidently shown in the photo reposted by Leonardo DiCaprio. For years, Iranian environmentalists have lobbied for support from local and international groups to help them save the lake but gained very little attention.

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Thanks to their new environmental hero, Leonardo DiCaprio, all eyes from all over the world are now directed towards Lake Urmia.

After the photo was regrammed by DiCaprio, Twitter was flooded with thanks and gratitude from Iranians and foreign environmentalists alike, expressing their appreciation towards the Oscar winning actor who took notice of the problem in Iran.

Famous Twitter reactions came from local TV stations, the UN and even from some government agencies in Iran.

Iran's Department of Environment thanked DiCaprio for drawing the attention of the world.

Because of DiCaprio's leadership, some Iranian celebrities also stood up to raise the awareness of their beloved Lake Urmia, making this a collective effort to save the shrinking lake.

Now there is an ongoing environmental revolution in Iran, and the National Lake Urmia Restoration Program (NLURP) has the actor to thank. According to Iran's Mehr News Agency, DiCaprio is invited by NLURP to personally visit Lake Urmia.

Eurasia Review quoted Hadi Bahadori, the head of the Committee for the Restoration of Lake Urmia, when he said "We now have cooperation from Japan, Switzerland and Australia in our efforts to save the lake and we hope that these kinds of social movements will trigger a dramatic rise in sensitivity and awareness among people all over the world regarding the state of Lake Urmia."

The Iranian government hasn't received a reply on whether or not DiCaprio has accepted the offer, but if in case Leonardo decides to fly to Iran; it will mean more exposure and awareness raised for the restoration of the shrinking Lake Urmia.


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