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Vasectomies Increase During March Madness, One Clinic Offers Free Pizza With The Procedure

Mar 22, 2013 01:07 PM EDT

Can't get enough basketball? Doctors at a urology clinic in Illinois are offering an unusual solution: get a vasectomy, and therefore a free pass to spend all your time on the couch healing under the medicinal comforts of college basketball.

Urology Ltd of Elgin, Ill. is offering a promotion for vasectomies and free pizza during the NCAA "March Madness" basketball tournament.

The strange promotion, called the "3 Point Shot" offers one vasectomy, one free pizza and one "weekend with a free pass from your wife to watch college hoops."

Even stranger - people are buying it.

"We're starting to see an uptick," said Dr. Timothy J. Roth, one of the vasectomy-performing urologists at the clinic, according to the Daily Herald.

"The whole idea of the ad is to capture those guys who were thinking about watching the games anyhow and were also thinking about getting a vasectomy. We're not trying to get the people who say, 'Vasectomy, oh, that looks interesting.'"

A vasectomy involves cutting and sealing the tubes in the male reproductive system that carry sperm.

The procedure doesn't take more than half an hour and patients are able to go home afterwards, but are encouraged to take it easy. While the NCAA tournament lasts longer than the handful of days a typical vasectomy recovery will demand, the urology clinic and the local pizza shop providing the pies went with the idea.

"Their office had this idea and we just went with it," said Monica Garapoloo of  Nick's Pizza & Pub. "How crazy is that? It's fun. It's a first for both locations. We're really hoping it's a success."

Dr. Roth is reportedly pulling for Indiana Unisersity to win the NCAA tournament, but won't be able to see the Hoosiers play in the first game Friday.

"I'll be seeing patients," Roth said, "and I believe I will be doing a vasectomy."

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