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Nevada Pot Legislation Seeks To Decriminalize And Expand Medical Use Of Marijuana

Mar 15, 2013 01:29 PM EDT

If a couple of Nevada lawmakers get what they are after, it's about to be high times in the Silver State.

Las Vegas assemblyman Joe Hogan will introduce Friday a measure to legalize marijuana possession in the state.

If the measure passes and gets placed on a ballot, Nevada voters will have the opportunity to be the next state where it's not a crime to get high.

"We've wasted a tremendous amount of money spoiling teenagers' lives, chasing them around until we can arrest them for something," Hogan said, according to the Las Vegas Sun. "And marijuana is not just a harmless plant. The medical benefits are remarkable."

Last November voters in Colorado and Washington decriminalized marijuana possession. Lawmakers in Oregon, Hawaii and New Mexico are considering new marijuana legislation measures.

Nevada already allows the use of medicinal marijuana, but there are currently no legal options for the 3,600 Nevadans with medical marijuana permits to obtain medical marijuana in the state.

Last month, Nevada state senator Richard "Tick" Segerblom introduced a proposal to allow the legal operation of medical marijuana dispensaries.

"We're going to have places you can go with a card where you can legally purchase marijuana," Segerblom said to the Las Vegas Sun. "It'll be a for-profit. It won't be a co-op. It won't be run by the government ... It'll be taxed and the revenue will be used to do something good. Those are the details we haven't gotten to yet."

While the goals of the two lawmakers are similar, they are not working together.

Segerblom  is not cosponsoring Hogan's measure.

"I'm sticking to medical marijuana," Segerblom said.

Medical marijuana is already allowed in 17 other states and Washington D.C.

"Let's go back and do what we should have done 10 years ago," Segerblom said. "It's something that it's time has come. Colorado has it. Arizona has it. California has it. Oregon has it. Washington State has it. We're surrounded by it."

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