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Python Devours Crocodile in Australia [VIDEOS]

Mar 03, 2014 04:50 PM EST

An epic battle between a freshwater crocodile and an enormous water python in Queensland, Australia, ended with the snake completely devouring its opponent.

The duel occurred along the banks of Lake Moondarra, near Mount Isa, on Sunday, the Brisbane Times reported, and several onlookers documented the struggle.

''[The crocodile] was fighting at the start, so it was trying to keep its head out of water and survive,'' onlooker Tiffany Corlis told ABC North West Queensland Radio.

''But as the morning sort of progressed, you could tell that both of them were getting a little weaker. Finally, the croc sort of gave in and the snake had uncoiled for a little while and had a brief break and then actually started to consume the crocodile.''

By the time Corlis started watching, the snake had already begun to constrict its body around the crocodile and was beginning to strangle it, according to The Australian Associated Press.

Corlis said the scene was amazing to see. Click here for more amazing photos

"We were sort of thinking that the snake had bitten off a little more than it could chew," she said. ''But it did. It actually ate the crocodile."

Corlis said that once the snake had finished eating, it lay there, literally stuffed to the brim.

"You could see the crocodile in the snake's belly which I think was probably the more remarkable thing," she said, according to ABC North West Queensland Radio. "You could actually see its legs and see its scales and everything, it was just amazing."

Snake expert Bryan Fry, from the University of Queensland's School of Biological Science, told the Brisbane Times that water pythons usually targeted smaller animals and rodents, but small fresh water crocodiles were easy prey.

''Crocs are more dangerous to catch but easier to sneak up on,'' he said, noting that such a large meal would immobilize the snake for some time while it digested.

''The problem is they are risking being injured or killed, so they have to be judicious," he said.

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