There is much more to be done inorder to limit harmful carbon emissions and prevent global warming, former President Obama said Monday.

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Keeping Global Warming to 1.5 Degrees Celsius, How is This Possible?

"We can't afford to stay where we are. The world has to step up, and it has to step up now. When it comes to climate, time really is running out," Obama, the former US president, said to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Keeping global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius, as scientists have recommended, would be difficult, according to Obama.

At the summit, known as COP26, Obama notes that existing political institutions operate slowly, even when leaders are well-intentioned. It has always been tough to work together across borders. So an international effort requires patience and perseverance and the world does not have that kind of time right now, he added.

President George H. W. Bush, a Republican former president, was the first president to realize the threats of climate change, he remarked.

However, despite the fact that his administration and international leaders have achieved significant progress since the Paris Agreement on cutting emissions, Obama warned it was not enough.

It is true, however, that the world still has a long way to go, he remarked. The world has not done nearly enough to deal with this problem. More work is required of us in order to achieve our goals.

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Pledges to Cut Emissions by 50%

Also, he admitted that the United States is the second-largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world saying, "The U.S. has to lead...we have a lot of work to do."

After four years of explicit antagonism against climate science, originating from the top of the US administration, corporations and other governments continued to combat climate change under the Paris Agreement, Obama said.

More than one-third of the world's major corporations have established zero-emissions goals, he said. There have been over 700 promises to reduce emissions from cities in over 50 countries.

He went on to say that the recently enacted infrastructure plan would result in even more employment in the renewable energy sector, which now employs more than 3 million Americans.

Obama encouraged the people to keep up the pressure on global leaders and corporations to address climate change.

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Efforts to Fight Climate Change

It was decided last week at the meeting that more than 40 countries will cease investing in the production of coal power over the coning two decades. The United States did not join in making this pledge.

At COP26, the United States President Joe Biden promised that the United States will achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, work with the European Union on a proactive plan to cut methane emissions, and do more to assist poor countries in their battle against climate change.

A "warlike" strategy to combating climate change should be taken, Prince Charles of England said.

In addition, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has promised $2 billion to environmental conservation.

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