How to make nature enter your home and create a fresh atmosphere?

Autumn is finally here! Put your summer dress in the closet and let the new atmosphere kick in.

Alright, jokes aside, we all know that, after a long day of work, being able to find a calm and restful environment at home is essential in order to recharge your batteries. Especially when one lives in the city, the pollution, noise and traffic brings out more of our need for naturalness and peace.

Let yourself be guided by the spirit of nature which brings softness and tranquility, a healthy atmosphere full of life in your home. This is why the team has a few tips to help you make your interior more natural through decorations in the spirit of nature!

Green life for a soothing decorative interior with a natural code

In addition to the natural motif style, there are several other similar styles of interior decoration. Among them, we can distinguish, in particular, the Scandinavian style,the flea market, chic countryside or even the seaside styles.

Like all these decorative styles, the nature style combines simplicity and elegance, reincarnating the vegetation through decorative objects, wallpaper, crockery, ecological materials and even physical plants.

Indoor plants for a vegetal and natural decoration

To transform your interior into a green theater, plants are the real stars you should pay attention to. Plants are a very easy way to get closer to nature while living in the city. So don't hesitate and add a few small potted plants to brighten up your interior with naturalness.

Plus, plants add an extra touch of color to your home decor and are good for air quality. Consider also hanging plants or wall plants for a touch of originality.

What about the kitchen ? Add a few jars, two or three wooden planks and some aromatic herbs! In addition to a delicate and fresh scent, they will be directly useful to you (for making delicious meals with condiments). Place them in a bright place and water them when necessary.

Tips on adding natural motifs to your ambiance
(Photo : Photo by Thuan Pham on Unsplash)

An interior green wall as an impressive decoration

For the green addicts (and to hit even harder), there is always the option of a green wall, for a natural and authentic interior decoration. Alive, natural compositions with a spectacular rendering, these vertical gardens are a breathtaking solution to decorate your interior with real plants - an incredible vegetative decoration that will not leave your guests indifferent.

The green wall is an ideal solution to hide a dull wall, but it is particularly popular with those who do not have a lot of space at home but still want to enjoy beautiful vegetation on a daily basis. To do this, you can opt for climbing plants. In addition, you can choose planters, hanging pots, wall trellises or bookcases as the support of choice. Don't forget that you will need to place your climbing plants under the trellis in order to see the plants grow over this structure. Still, the very graphic result will awesomely dress your walls in green and metal!

Bet on 100% natural colors and materials

Beauty is expressed via the natural. To do this, decorate your room with natural materials, light shades and pastel tones. Forget about the too flashy colors and go for soft colors like beige or white. For an even more cocooning spirit, add a hint of blue, gray or green that will go perfectly with the natural motifs, in order to make you feel like you are outdoors.

Natural materials such as wicker, bamboo, rattan, acacia, walnut, teak or even raw wood are to be used without moderation, for a natural and warm atmosphere. Indeed, these materials give an impression of the outside... while inside, being very calming and relaxing.

On the textile side, linen or cotton will be perfect to wrap your interior in a soft, country-chic atmosphere. For the floor covering, you can opt ​​for parquet, which will bring softness and warmth to your room. You can decorate it with soft cotton rugs or jungle-effect printed throws. In addition to bringing natural materials into your rooms, you will create a very Zen atmosphere in your design.

Tips on adding natural motifs to your ambiance
(Photo : Photo by Erick Lee Hodge on Unsplash)

Brightness and openness

For an atmosphere as close as possible to nature, openings and exposure are essential. Indeed, an interior in harmony with nature is a friendly and bright space that exudes well-being and relaxation.

Choose natural outdoor light over artificial lights. Moreover, remember that open spaces are more conducive to bringing a natural atmosphere to your interior.

In addition, the absence of partitions will allow you to  quickly and easily obtain good ventilation. So avoid placing your furniture in front of openings, windows or bay windows, unless it is low.

Avoid curtains that block light and remember to clean the windows regularly to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating!

Is your interior facing north? Large mirrors are the allies of interiors lacking in light! Placed in front of a window, the mirror will reflect the outside light for an immediate impression of space saving!

Our advice - if you don't have a lot of windows, scatter the points of light rather than concentrating them in one place like on a single table or console.

Natural accessories for a cocooning atmosphere

Neglected by many, natural decorative accessories are important components for a natural interior in a cozy spirit. Acquire some cushions in natural colors, floor lamps and wooden decorative objects, soft rugs in cotton (brown or beige).

Your interior must breathe authenticity!

And to give your design a natural touch, consider finding old furniture and other original decorative items at a flea market. However, avoid any accumulation and do not overload your interior with accessories that could ruin the relaxed, airy atmosphere!

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