5 Best Metals for Wedding and Engagement Rings

(Photo : Photo by Zacke Feller on Unsplash)

Are you finally ready to pop the big question or say your vows? Before you do, it is vital to find the perfect engagement or wedding ring that will symbolize the beauty of your love and relationship. Below, we look at the five best metals for wedding and engagement rings.

1.   Gold

For centuries, gold has been the most popular metal for wedding and engagement rings as it has a naturally warm and beautiful luster. It also has a timeless appeal and depending on the type of gold alloy you settle for, you can pair it with a broad range of gemstones. The most popular gold alloys today are:

●    Yellow gold: The classic touch of yellow gold has always made it the most popular choice among couples. It flawlessly blends with diamonds, which is a favored symbol of love and commitment globally. 

●    Rose gold: The delicate and soft hue of rose gold has made it a top pick for the modern and fashion-forward couple. Its beautiful pink-reddish color makes it flawlessly blend with peach sapphire, which is the rarest shade of sapphire. If you are after a unique diamond alternative, you can click here to learn about peach sapphire's meaning and why it is highly sought-after worldwide.

●    White gold: The whitish touch and mirror-like luster of white gold have seen it grow in popularity, especially in modern times. It looks incredible when paired with diamonds and gemstones with dark, intense colors such as blue topaz, emeralds, rubies, and pink tourmaline.

2.   Platinum

Platinum is a gorgeous metal with a natural white sheen that you can never go wrong with. You will love that it is more rare than gold and has an alluring luster that it retains for years, thanks to its durability. Platinum further allows you to choose gemstones with vibrant hues such as blue diamonds, sapphires, rubies, tanzanite, opals, and tourmalines.

3.   Sterling silver

Sterling silver consists of 92.5% real silver alloyed with copper to improve its resistance to wear and tear. This metal is a suitable pick for couples on a budget as it is cheaper than gold and platinum. Sterling silver further allows you to add an extra shine to your ring with rare colors of gemstones. As such, while the limited violet diamond might be out of reach, you can make the most of this metal by pairing it with vibrant colored quartz crystal, topaz, turquoise, emeralds, and sapphire.

4.   Palladium

Make a statement with the luminous, silvery-white palladium for the beauty of white gold and the advantage of durability as it is resistant to tarnishing. However, you must be ready to spend more on this metal as it has become rare while its demand has risen.

5.   Tungsten

Tungsten is loved as it is the hardest metal used in jewelry and is guaranteed to maintain its hard-looking shine for the longest time. This makes it the perfect wedding and engagement ring for couples who want a scratch-resistant ring that you can wear even in harsh environments.


Shopping for a wedding or engagement ring can be complicated, but narrowing your search to these metals will make it easier to make the right decision.