According to authorized media, poachers shot and killed five critically endangered langurs in Vietnam. Langurs are a type of monkey butchered for bushmeat and traditional drugs.

Bodies of critically endangered grey-shanked douc langurs reportedly killed by poachers in the Ba To district of the central Quang Ngai province
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Wildlife Trade 

During a routine movement all around forests in the province of Quang Ngai, rangers and police discovered the lifeless grey-shanked douc langurs

The known global population of this variety of langur, which is confined to the forest of central Vietnam, is lower than 1000, according to conservation group Fauna and Flora International (FFI).  Other conservation Associations believe the number is larger because other niche regions are yet to be examined. 

The monkey is a common target of the illegal wildlife trade according to the FFI, and is sought for bushmeat, traditional drug, and the pet trade. Continuous cutting down of trees is also hazardous to them. 

Under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora -  CITES - the monkey is classified as "critically endangered" which is the greatest threat order. 

In Quang Ngai, the poachers fled, abandoning a motorcycle, pellets, and silencers, according to the VNExpress news point. It was also stated that regional authorities are probing the case.

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Consequences of Poaching

It's illegal to kill a grey-shanked douc langur since it's listed in Vietnam's "red book." Still, law enforcement is a major problem. 

" Authorities must detect those who are responsible," said Ha Thang Long, director of GreenViet, a non-profit association that seeks to conserve biodiversity in Vietnam's core regions. 

Poachers in similar cases might be sent to jail for seven years under Vietnamese law, he added. 

The Red River giant soft- shell turtle, the Tonkin rebuff-nosed monkey, and the saola, a species of highland antelope, are among the world's most endangered creatures. 

In the country, wild creatures are under frequent danger and their body parts are usually needed for both food and traditional drugs. The wildlife of the world is unique and unique animals need to be protected.

A baby douc langur walks along a branch at the Singapore Zoo
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Some people believe that monkeys are lazy and prefer to be left alone. But others have discovered that they are actually very intelligent creatures, and will even cooperate with humans to do simple jobs such as collecting fruit or gathering bananas from a garden.

They have many characteristics which make them ideal for imitation. Their close relative who is known as a chimp has also been shown to be very intelligent. 

Monkeys live in a variety of social structures depending on their species and habitat conditions. In general, monkeys exhibit considerable variation in size and shape from one another as well as from their adult males to females.

Although these monkeys share similar characteristics with their closest relatives such as chimpanzees they differ from apes in some aspects such as size, intelligence and coloration.

Monkeys possess a number of unique traits that make them distinct from other primates.

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