Fahim Imam-Sadeque Shares 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel In 2021

(Photo : Image by Julius Silver from Pixabay )

Over the last year-and-a-half, people across the world have hunkered down during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While many people have put off travelling during this time, Fahim Imam-Sadeque says there are many good reasons to travel still in 2021.

There may only be a few months left in the year, but there are many opportunities to book an incredible holiday on a budget.

Here are five of the best reasons why everyone should take some time to travel in 2021.

1. Flights Provide Flexibility

In the past, airlines didn't give travellers a great deal of flexibility. Once a trip was booked, it couldn't be changed -- unless the traveller was willing to pay exorbitant fees to do so.

Now, many major airlines have waived change fees for many domestic trips and even some international trips. This allows you to book a trip to one destination now to lock in your price and then change your mind on the destination at a later date.

While you probably won't be able to get a full refund if you want to cancel your flight -- unless you purchase trip insurance -- at least you won't have to pay expensive change fees.

2. Travel is Affordable Again

At a time when the price of everything seems to be out of control, travel is actually affordable. The travel industry has been decimated during the pandemic, and many airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and other companies in the industry are eager to get you to travel again.

Prices on just about every aspect of a trip are cheaper now than they have been in years. While the prices of the goods you purchase when you arrive at your destination might be more expensive, at least the cost of actually getting there won't sink you.

3. You Have Some Protection

Airlines and others in the transportation industry most likely won't offer you protection if you voluntarily cancel your trip because of concerns about the pandemic. However, if you or someone in your travel party happens to get sick before your trip, the credit card you used to book the trip will likely offer you travel protection.

Not every credit card and financial institution offers this form of protection. As such, it's crucial that you check the benefits of your card before deciding which one to use.

4. Many Destinations Are Open

At the peak of the pandemic, many destinations were completely closed off to travellers. Some of these restrictions are still in place in some countries, but many have started to open up.

This means that you can travel to almost anywhere you want to for the first time in nearly two years. Going somewhere different and somewhere you've wanted to go for a while can do a great deal for improving your mental health. Booking that long-awaited trip can also give you something to look forward to in a time when there's been a lot of uncertainty.

5. Crowds Aren't as Large

While destinations have opened again and there has been a pent-up demand for travel, many people are still hesitant. This is especially true for destinations that are typically crowded.

As Fahim Imam-Sadeque explains, the benefit of this is that some upcoming holiday traditions won't be as jam-packed as they typically are. The Christmas tree in New York City, for example, may not have the same crowds of people it usually does.

This provides people who are willing to travel with a unique opportunity to enjoy these destinations in a way that many people never get to experience.

About Fahim Imam-Sadeque

Fahim Imam-Sadeque pursued a BSc in Actuarial Science in the desire to follow in his father's footsteps. He earned his degree at the City University of London in 1991 and became a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in 1995. As an actuary and trained professional in mathematics and statistics, he had a solid basis for moving into asset management.


As the child of Bangladeshi immigrants to the UK, Fahim is particularly passionate about access to quality education for first and second-generation immigrants to the UK. Mr. Imam-Sadeque also focuses his attention on aiding those UK immigrants from disadvantaged backgrounds with access to better education opportunities in order to expand their horizons in society.