Early this week, the US first snowstorm of the 2021-22 season could possibly take place and for parts of the Rockies about two feet of the white stuff is projected. But people in the Northeast are off to an uncommonly warm start to October.

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Snowstorm Season

Actually, it has been up to four degrees above normal through the month's first eight days, as per the National Weather Service.

The weather service said: "Models indicate no end in sight for the foreseeable future as this anomalously warm regime is expected to continue through mid-month." 

Rain together with scattered showers on the 10th of October being Sunday will make the high temperature remain in the mid-60s, but from Oct. 11 which is on Monday (Columbus Day)  through the end of the week - on Saturday, Oct. 16 - the high temperature is anticipated to be 70 degrees more daily.

On Thursday (Oct. 14) and Friday ( Oct. 15) the highest temperatures are anticipated, with temps reaching mid to upper 70s when the skies are mostly sunny in the two days.

AccuWeather said: "A potent, winterlike storm is forecast to spread from the Northwest and across the Rockies this week and deliver widespread accumulating snowfall. It may turn into a race to see which of Colorado's ski resorts can open for the ski season first, as accumulating snow and temperatures low enough to start up the snow machines are expected."

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Unexpected Snowstorm Amid Utah Mountain Race

A surprising snowstorm prompted the rescue of dozens of runners in a very long trail race in northern Utah's mountain.

No one among the runners that were 87 or thereabout rescued Saturday was admitted in the hospital though a number of them were treated for hypothermia and just one was hurt as a result of a fall, as per Davis County Sheriff Kelly Sparks.

Sparks said they feel very lucky that no serious injuries were recorded. 

At about 5 a.m, the race of 80-kilometer (50-mile) in the Francis Peak region between Ogden and Salt Lake City started. Severe weather hit the area around four hours later. Authorities said some runners were putting on only shorts and a T-shirt.

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Runners Rescued

Before the event, race organizers told runners that rain could possibly fall but the rain turned to snow, Kelcey McClung Stowell, one of the runners said.

Stowell said: "We thought, We'll be OK once we get to Francis Peak and then we start coming down the mountain. We'll be out of the snow and it'll be fine. But it just turned terrible. It was just like a blizzard up there."

Temperatures rapidly decreased to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (- 7 Celsius) while up to 18 inches (46 centimeters) of snow touch the ground in a powerful wind.

Rescuers that made use of snowmobiles and other vehicles reached where the runners were on the route and then got them out of the mountains, KSL-TV reported.

 By 2:45 p.m., all runners were rescued.

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