Hair Transplant in Turkey – Is It a Good Choice for Hair Restoration?

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Balding and excessive hair thinning affect millions of men and women worldwide, and there's only so much that hair restoration shampoos and topical treatments can do. That's precisely why hair transplantation in Turkey became such a sought-after procedure.

Depending on the extent of hair loss, a hair transplant operation is often the only permanent solution that offers natural results. Unfortunately, the treatment in most of Europe and North America is largely inaccessible to many due to its hefty price.

Transplants in Turkey are significantly cheaper even with accommodation and airfare included, but are they worth it? Let's find out.

Hair transplant in Turkey - costs and quality

For most people, a hair transplant surgery is a luxury they simply cannot afford. In the UK, hair transplants can go for as much as £30,000, and since they're categorised as cosmetic procedures, no insurance company will provide coverage for them.

However, a hair transplant in Istanbul is up to 70% cheaper, but that doesn't mean that it's any less effective. Quite the contrary - Turkish doctors performing hair transplant surgery are some of the most respected professionals in the industry. Many of them spend years perfecting their craft at prestigious Turkish universities and international institutions, so you can rest assured that the quality of their work meets even the highest standards.

The only reason why hair transplant surgery in Turkey is more affordable than almost anywhere else in the world is the lower cost of living. With lower prices for rent, utilities, groceries, and more, even cosmetic procedures like hair transplants become cheaper.

When you receive a quote from your chosen clinic, it will often include:

● A free consultation;

● Interpreters;

● Transplant surgery;

● Needle-free anaesthesia;

● Transport from the airport to the hotel, clinic, and back;

● Accommodation;

● After-care medication;

● Shampoo and foam;

● Laser hair therapy.

Considering the high demand for transplants from international patients, many clinics offer all-inclusive packages to cut your costs further.

The expert staff at Dr Serkan Aygin clinic

Whereas Turkey is the number one country for hair transplants in the world, Dr Serkan Aygin clinic in Istanbul is the number one hair medical centre. Established by the renowned Dr Serkan Aygin, winner of the European Awards in Medicine in 2019, the eponymous clinic has already established a pristine reputation.

Dr Serkan Aygin boasts over 25 years of experience in the field. He's fully mastered the most effective hair transplant methods, and the grafts he transplants enjoy a 98% growth rate.

To gauge the clinic's client satisfaction rates, you don't have to go further than Google reviews. With over 3,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.8 stars, it's evident just how well Dr Aygin cares for his patients.

Hair transplant procedures at Dr Serkan Aygin clinic

Hair Transplant in Turkey – Is It a Good Choice for Hair Restoration?
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To ensure the best, natural results, Dr Serkan Aygin only performs the most advanced hair transplant procedures: sapphire FUE hair transplant and DHI hair transplant.

During the FUE hair transplant, the doctor carefully extracts follicular units from the donor area, then makes tiny incisions in the recipient area and starts inserting hair follicles one by one.

During the DHI hair transplant, he uses a tool known as the Choi implanter pen, which extracts individual grafts from the donor area, then immediately implants them into the recipient area. The DHI method is most suitable for patients with weak, thin hair that lacks volume.

Regardless of the method used, Dr Aygin uses soft anaesthesia before he starts. Soft anaesthesia is needle-free and pain-free, making the surgery as pleasant as possible.

Before and after a hair transplant

To maximise hair growth and ensure that you get the results you're after, Dr Aygin offers thorough post-op consultations where he explains how you can maintain your new hair. You'll receive all the necessary medications, shampoos, and foams that will help you nourish each transplanted hair follicle.

However, you'll need to keep in mind that hair restoration is a lengthy process. It will take anywhere up to a year for the results to become apparent. Within the first few months, you should notice the first hairs start to appear, but you'll have to wait for them to grow and give you the volume and thickness that you want to achieve.

To see what kind of results you can expect, you can visit Dr Serkan Aygin clinic's page - hair transplant Turkey before and after section. Examine the photos and contact the doctor should you have any questions.

Final thoughts

Hair transplant surgery can put an end to hair thinning and baldness. It offers permanent, natural-looking results with minimal scarring.

You can schedule a virtual consultation at Dr Serkan Aygin clinic, learn whether a hair transplant is an option for you, and get started on your journey to hair restoration. With Dr Serkan Aygin, you'll enjoy excellent results at an affordable cost.