4 Solar Energy Trends That Will Light the Way in 2022

(Photo : Image by Sebastian Ganso from Pixabay )

Since the dawn of 2021, there's been no shortage of blinding, barrier-breaking tech in the solar energy sector. From thin-film solar cells to building-integrated photovoltaics to buzz-stirring solar fabric, 2021 has welcomed a broad spectrum of technology, sure to make electromagnetic waves in sustainability-focused communities.

Deeper into this post-pandemic year, experts predicted record-breaking solar installs, in light of the investment tax credit, along with unparalleled solar panel efficiency, growing awareness around our end-to-end solar supply chain, and overbuilding for the energy needs of tomorrow. The predictions for 2022 radiate a similar optimism for the next generation of solar technology.

As the sun sets on another innovation-rich year, the forecast for 2022 shines bright with state-of-the-art, never-before-seen solar technologies. For an inside look into 2022's bright future, read on.

Citizens will continue to capitalize on Investment Tax Credit

Thanks to the new Congress bill, homeowners will be able to cash in on the solar tax credit well into 2022. Under the provisions of the solar tax credit, homeowners or business owners who install a solar power system can benefit from local government rebates and rebates from electric utility companies in addition to the federal ITC.

Money savings aside, the Investment Tax Credit is essential for the following reasons:

●   The ITC ignites a national interest in solar energy

●   Incentivizes businesses to join the fleet of solar power proponents

●   Lightens the burden placed on local utility grids

●   Allows solar energy to evolve from a luxury to a lifestyle choice

Besides making residential solar panels accessible to a larger number of people from diverse financial backgrounds, the ITC has enabled businesses to minimize costs, thereby strengthening the economy.

Major cost declines will ensue

According to Futurism, solar energy costs stand to drop another 25% by 2022. Well-known solar analysts predict that the costs of constructing solar power technology will continue to decrease at an average rate of 4.4% each year. With prices on a steady decline due to the globalization of tools and resources, this shocking affordability will catalyze the widespread adoption of solar alternatives, allowing the individuals of 2022 to maintain their current standard of living without inflicting irreparable damage.

What are the benefits of this ballooning community of solar-power users? For starters, widespread adoption of solar energy will translate to reductions in air pollution, declining water usage, and reduced dependence on non-renewable energy resources. With the ability to rewind the clock and soften the blow of climate change's unrelenting forces, these lowered costs could have long-term positive impacts on humanity's health and the average homeowner's utility bill.

Surges in solar installer jobs will persist

With solar energy prices reaching all-time lows and the U.S. Congress extending the ITC expiration date, homeowners have elected to install solar panel systems at startling rates. As a result, job opportunities in the solar installation industry have skyrocketed. Today the effects of this job opportunity surge are felt worldwide, from China to Japan to the United States to Bangladesh.

Experts predict that the solar energy sector will grow at an average of 13% per year between 2020 and 2030, meaning this golden opportunity to join the fleet of solar installation professionals is far from fleeting. Looking beyond 2022, forecasters anticipate that approximately 42 million people will work with renewable energy systems by 2050, whether it be in manufacturing, installation, or maintenance. A whopping majority of these roles will relate to the solar energy sector.

Zooming into the United States specifically, over 200,000 workers are employed by the solar energy industry. With billions of dollars in projects slated for 2022 and beyond, conservationists can rest easy, knowing that this number of solar energy employees has zero plans of nosediving any time soon.

Demands for a broad spectrum of solar products will spike

While solar panels will gain widespread acceptance amongst homeowners and business owners alike, other state-of-the-art solar products, like solar-powered smartphone chargers and generators, will be looked upon favorably by future-forward individuals. But why?

Take the solar-powered charger, for example. Besides encouraging electrical independence, these alternatives to corded chargers are easy to use, low maintenance, quiet, and refreshingly reliable. Solar generators are similarly noise-free and low-maintenance. Not to mention, these solar-powered alternatives to environmentally harmful generators boast low running costs and can offset your energy consumption whether you're at home or the office.

Besides solar-powered generators and smartphone chargers, solar-powered audio speakers, security lights, fans, and solar-powered lanterns will also gain growing popularity in 2022 once conversationalists catch wind of the benefits of solar-powered gadgets. What benefits should sustainability-forward individuals look into?

For one, solar-powered gadgets are portable and sturdy, opening a world of possibilities for outlet-free outdoor excursions. These eco-conscious gizmos are also perfect for the fast-paced traveler. Aside from the portability factor, solar-powered devices are ideal for emergencies that involve far-reaching blackouts. 

Final thoughts

With light shed on the up-and-coming trends of 2022, it's time to gear up for a solar-powered future. While ithe increasing popularity of carbon-footprint-minimizing solar devices is a cause for celebration, these four solar energy trends are but a fraction of the innovation and development to come in the new year.