7 Tips for Becoming an Eco-Conscious Business Traveler in 2021

(Photo : Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay )

Being environmentally friendly is a crucial concern for many people who regularly travel. Engaging in sustainable practices while traveling is difficult, but adding some tips and tricks to your travel practices can help you become a more eco-conscious business traveler.

Opt for a virtual mailbox

Virtual mailboxes are eco-friendly, time-savers, and convenient. A virtual mailbox can reduce your carbon footprint, and you will save time by receiving all of your mail to your email inbox.

It can be challenging to keep track of physical mail when you travel, but a virtual mailbox allows you to receive and review pieces of mail from any location. Renting a virtual mailbox is convenient and makes traveling less stressful.

Use public transit

In most urban areas, public transportation is available to get travelers to the most popular destinations. Consider using public transit if you are traveling regionally or instead of driving to your next conference. Using trains and buses helps minimize individual carbon emissions from personal cars.

Don't print your travel documents

Nearly every airline and most hotels accept digital tickets, boarding passes, or reservations-refraining from printing travel documents increases sustainability.

Additionally, avoid printing business emails and documents as much as possible. If a meeting allows for digital briefs or presentations instead of giving out printed versions, always choose digital.

Fly direct

While flying is not the most environmentally friendly travel method, if you must travel long distances via an airplane, choose a direct flight. When flying, make as many choices as possible to reduce emissions from air travel. Select flights that travel directly and depart during the most common times to maximize efficacy.

Eat and shop locally

Visiting local stores and restaurants is not only enjoyable as a traveler but is a more sustainable way to spend your money when traveling. Experiencing local delicacies and talking with residents is a beautiful travel experience. Small businesses usually purchase from locally sourced suppliers, so the benefits flow down the supply chain.

Bring reusable items from home

Disposable items often end up in landfills, and if they are made of plastic or Styrofoam, it can take hundreds of years to decompose. By bringing a reusable shopping bag and water bottle on your trip, you can become a more eco-friendly business traveler. Other reusable items are available on the market for travelers, like metal straws and dining utensils.

Schedule business trips consecutively

Even your schedule can make you a more eco-friendly traveler. If you have multiple meetings in multiple locations, it is more economically friendly to stack trips one after the other. Not only will you be an efficient traveler, but ultimately you can also reduce days away from home and save money.

Wrap up

Various options exist to become a more eco-friendly traveler. From using a digital mailbox to intentionally scheduling direct flights, you can choose which options best fit your lifestyle.